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Originally Posted by You
Actually, you can as a veteran, wear the dress uniform from the era in which you served on occassions like Memorial Day, Veterans Day and/or other public patriotic ceremonies of a military nature, etc.
The regulations actually allow veterans to wear either the uniform of the time when they served or the current uniform on such occasions.

Unfortunately, the occasions in question do NOT include purely social events like "formal" evenings on cruise ships....

Originally Posted by You
Also to use the hand salute instead of uncovering and holding your hand over your heart, when the Colors go by or the National Anthem is played. To distinguish you as a Veteran.
Indeed, it's quite proper for military personnel to render the military hand salute even when in civilian attire, so long as there's no danger that doing so might blow one's cover. And when visiting the battleship Missouri in Pearl Harbor last year, there was something inside me that had to render that hand salute to "Old Glory" on the fantail when crossing the gangway!

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