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Originally Posted by sassyredhat
We are booked for HAL's Hawaii cruise (again) in 2008, but are planning to try Dawn Princess because they offer a golf package to the Mexican Riviera from San Diego. We did a golf cruise in 2006 on Carnival Spirit, but that really wasn't what we are looking for.
Hope this gives you the info you are looking for.
It's funny, but sometimes I think it's smart to try other lines for exactly the reasons you cite ... sailing them often gives us a greater appreciation of those HAL touches you can't get anywhere else. Also, you never know ... you might just stumble on a ship/cruise line that you really enjoy.

I sailed Princess a couple of times as well. Personally, I didn't care for it ... but that was just me. The folks I traveled with loved the ships. I found the food very disappointing.

However, I just sailed the QE2 a couple of months back. First time onboard and I merely used the sailing to get back from a HAL repositioning cruise to Europe (beats flying anyday). I honestly didn't think I'd care for the ship at all. Well, wasn't I surprised! I absolutely fell in love with the grand old dame and only hope I get the chance to sail her again sometime.

But still ... HAL remains my all-time favorite.

Blue skies ...

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