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Here is my letter back from OPC. I play table games (BJ). Just wondering what it means, if any, when they say that we are on their "guest list" for the upcoming cruise. This will actually be our first Princess cruise. 7 other cruises on Carnival, with the last having been in March on the Liberty. The Pitboss did buy some drinks for me. Other than that, had never contacted them before this.

Hi Brian,
Thanks for contacting the Ocean Players Club!

We're glad to hear your sailing again! After reviewing our records we
would like to offer you $100.00 and Deborah $25.00 in either chips or
tokens. Please present a photo I.D. to the Cashier's Cage onboard and
they will grant you this amount. Also, I have placed you on our OPC
guest list for your upcoming sailing. Hope you have a great cruise, and
the best of luck while spending time in the Casino!

Best Regards,
Dena T. Williams
Player Development Coordinator
Carnival Corporation-Casino
1-800-522-7466 ext.#16047
Email -

Original letter I sent them (personal info. "x'd" out) is as follows:

Dear Carnival Casino Host,

From: xxxxxx(

Address: xxxxxxx
City: Vero Beach
State/Province: FL
Zip/Postal Code: 32966
Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx


Debi and I will be sailing the Sapphire Princess to Alaska on August 11,
2007. Would you be able to pull up our information from past cruises to
see how we rate/any perks available. Debi played strictly slots, while I
played both slots and table games (mainly blackjack $25 and up table).
most recent cruise was this past March 3rd on the Carnival Liberty, and
prior to that was again on the Liberty on March 18, 2006. My past guest
is xxxxxxxxx. Address has changed since most recent cruise. Address was:
Alpharetta, GA 30004

Any help would be great. Thanks...Our cabin on this cruise is
but is listing as cabin #xxxx. Thanks again.

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