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Default Re: In addition to the Auto Tip, I have a question

Originally Posted by IBCRUZIN'
What is a generous, decent, very good amount to tip your room steward?

At the end of a 7 day cruise, is $20 or $30 enough to show your appreciation? (Provided, of course, that you have left the auto-tip on your sail and sign card stand.)

Just curious.
Depends on how pleased you are with his service.

If he was attentive and made your cruise extra special, then for a seven-day cruise, I would imagine about $30 is more than generous, assuming of course that you left the auto-tip in place as well. On a recent 18-day cruise onboard the Veendam, we had an absolutely wonderful room steward for whom no request was too much trouble. We gave him 50 euros at the end of the cruise, in addition to the auto-tip. 50 euros translates to about $75 to $80 U.S. dollars. This was a repositioning cruise to Europe, so we figured euros would be the appropriate currency to tip in.

But, on the other hand, I've been on some cruises where the auto-tip was all the room steward got. He did his job, but didn't do anything beyond it. So, we didn't do anything beyond the auto-tip. Had he not done his job, believe me, we wouldn't have hesitated to remove his auto-tip as well.

Always tip according to your conscious, and ... of course ... what you can afford.

Blue skies ...

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