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Originally Posted by You
hey i am lazy too. i just dont bother with capital letters at all! besides i have to use lower case for some of my codes at work so caps just doesnt cut it. besides i was informed by my sis that all caps means you are shouting.
Your "sis" is absolutely right. In fact, the convention that all caps signify SHOUTING -- with the same rudeness as shouting in a normal oral conversation -- goes back to the early days of the ARPAnet, which evolved into the Internet, and it applies universally -- including e-mail messages. It is, however, acceptable to use all cap's

>> (1) to emphasize a VERY IMPORTANT word or two and

>> (2) in accordance with standard English usage.

The latter includes acronyms like "FUBAR" ("Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition") and "JANFU" ("Joint Army-Navy Foul-Up") and standard Internet shorthand for common phrases (FWIW, BRB, , BTW, IMHO, etc.).

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