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Originally Posted by Rev22:17

Originally Posted by You
OK-so does that mean if we don't do the formal night we won't be eating lobster tail and such. Also, if we don't wear dressier clothes, then we will go to the buffet. Just trying to clarify. thanks for the info from all of you
Actually, you have two options if you don't wish to dress for dinner.

>> 1. You can order the entire main dining room menu through room service and have it served in your cabin, where you can eat it dressed however you please. Nonetheless, there's a pretty stiff surcharge for this service.

>> 2. You can dine at the buffet restaurant (known as the "Horizon Court" on most Princess ships). The buffet restaurant is always a designated "casual" area. Nonetheless, the dinner menu at the buffet restaurant is not necessarily the same as the main dining room and the service is buffet style.

But, again, your options for entertainment will be quite limited because you won't be dressed properly to go to the theater, the show lounge, the cabaret (on ships that have one), the casino, or any of the special events that take place on these evenings. You are not going on a cruise spend the evenings in your cabin watching "pay-per-view" movies or reruns of old television programs on your stateroom television, are you?

Norm has stated a couple of times that he no longer cruises with Princess, ergo he does not know what he is talking about as far as Princess goes.
1 - There is NO charge for room service. A tip is appreciated but that is not obligatory.
2 - There is no such thing as "pay for view" movies.
3 - You can go to the shows, casino and any other place dressed as you please. So your entertainment options are wide open.
I don't know why Norm keeps posting on Princess as he obviously does not know anything about them any more. Perhaps you should stay on the Celebrity posts where you may know what you are talking about.
Furthermore I think we have really beaten this subject of what to wear to death. Of course that is only my opinion.
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