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Originally Posted by You
1 - There is NO charge for room service. A tip is appreciated but that is not obligatory.
Splitting hairs here, Princess now offers two options. One is to have the whole meal dropped off at once, for which there's no charge. Of course, your entree may well be cold by the time you finish your appetizers, soup, and salad. And while there may be no law saying that you must tip the room service attendant who delivers your meal, social etiquette absolutely requires it because it's well-established custom on which the room service attendants depend for a significant percentage of their income from tips. Only a complete ignoramus would fail to tip the attendant. (And, you don't have to take my word for this. Rather, go to your local library and read what a manual on social etiquette says about tipping for room service.)

That said, Princess now offers a full in-cabin dining option, with the courses delivered served as you are ready for them, for which there is a (fairly steep) surcharge. Of course, the principal advantage of this option is that you will get to eat your main course while it's hot.

Originally Posted by You
2 - There is no such thing as "pay for view" movies.
Okay, so the movie channel on the stateroom television is free. You just saved $10.95, but you have to watch the movies on the broadcast schedule rather than on your schedule. And in any case, that does not change the reality that one is in one's cabin watching the television screen.

Originally Posted by You
3 - You can go to the shows, casino and any other place dressed as you please. So your entertainment options are wide open.
Again, Princess's stated policy is that the evening dress code applies thorughout the ship, except designated "casual" areas, after 6:00 PM. The norms of social etiquette are quite clear that ladies and gentlemen always wear the attire prescribed (or "suggested" or "requested" or whatever) by the host(ess) on a social occasion. A need to enforce the prescribed dress should never arise because, again, only an ignorant buffoon would fail to comply.

So your last point basically basically say that Princess Cruises will not stop passengers from proving to the staff and the other passengers that they are ignorant buffoons. Rather, the line will just let such passengers humiliate themselves.

OTOH, IMNSHO, "go ahead and prove to those around you that you are an ignorant buffoon" probably is not the advise that you, or I, or anybody else ought to be giving on these boards.

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