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Originally Posted by DarkliquidDreams
My husband and I have been sort of talking about becoming employees on a cruise line. But there are a lot of questions I have.

*In your opinion, which is the best line to work for?
*Would it be likely that a husband and wife get hired for the same cruise line?
*Do they allow you to bring your children?
*What is the average pay?
*Can you be a long term employee, beyond 6 months?
*What is a typical day like, as far as work, breaks, down time?
*Is it worth it?

Honest input is appreciated!
Working on a cruise ship is something that many Americans do. It is not an easy job to obtain and requires long hours and some very cramped living quarters.

Few major cruise lines, other than NCL America, hire U.S. citizens for most positions.

There is no guarantee that a husband and wife would be hired for the same ship. If they did they may be allowed to share a SMALL cabin.

Only a Captain is allowed to have family onboard and that is for only a short time.

Pay depends on the position. Officers and technical personnel earn far more than crew.

Your contract is dependent if the you and the cruise line wish to continue it and if they wish to assign you to the same ship.

You work your rear off.

Is it worth it? For a husband and wife with children: No.

If you wish to work for the cruise lines I would look for a shoreside, corporate position.

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