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Originally Posted by Bandrews
No, I am not a troll and yes, I have cruised with Princess before. Diamond Princess to Alaska last September.
At DFW Airport last September (Dallas to Vancouver)passengers could not take any liquids including bottled water into the aircraft. You had to either drink it or pour out your water (if you wanted to keep the container), before entering the plane. Our carry-on luggage was scanned. So how did you get bottled water or vodka in a water bottle in your carry-on past airport security. That was my question and it had nothing to do with whether or not I had cruised with Princess.

Could be you are a TROLL !!

"in answer to the first question, we either buy the vodka in america and transfer it into a water bottle there or last year we just took it with us and had no problems (it was a flight to the DR however_

gbert get off your high horse you plum ahhahahaha"

The fact remains Bandrews, that nobody takes any amount of liquid on board any passenger aircraft at any airport now days.

Pouring Vodka or any booze into a water bottle, etc. is a waste of time. Just bubble wrap and use a zip bag for your booze and place in in your check-in luggage. No problems.

There is just no-way anybody is going to get booze/liquid on an aircraft now days.

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