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The fact remains Bandrews, that nobody takes any amount of liquid on board any passenger aircraft at any airport now days.

Pouring Vodka or any booze into a water bottle, etc. is a waste of time. Just bubble wrap and use a zip bag for your booze and place in in your check-in luggage. No problems.

There is just no-way anybody is going to get booze/liquid on an aircraft now days.[/quote]

The best way is your packed luggage,but glass does break,I had a packed well packed bottle break on me,and glass does cut thur zip lock bags. Transfer it into plastic bottles or try this link

As far as the above comment ''There is just no-way anybody is going to get booze/liquid on an aircraft now days''

I hate to bust your bubble,my 21yr old flying out of Dallas to Alabama was stopped at the Security check point where she had a carry on bag with a 12pak of sodas(something they dont sell here in Alabama) and a back pack with another 12 pack of the same soda,was told the carry bag had to go back and be checked,they never looked in her back pack and it went thur the xray machine,so your no-way liquids on board comment is wrong.The rule is only as good as it is inforced,no would I try to carry on or tell some one to carry on something ,No. Pack it careful or put in plastic.

And one last note,Im not a Troll
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