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Hi Luci:

Yes, read about the gun-to-their-head robbery. Sad since kiddo and I have been down to Jamaica and had a great time with a cabbie looking after us. BTW, kiddo will actually be out your way in July visiting his great aunt in Hollywood. The ex's family were into studio lighting in the days of the late Howard Hughes - actually have a picture of him with my son's great grandfather. Howard's wife #1 was actually kiddo's cousin, Ella Botts Rice.

Over here in Texas, a mob of blacks in Austin celebrating Juneteenth just beat a man who was a passenger in a car that hit a kiddo in an accident. The kiddo was not hurt seriously, but the passenger was beaten to death right here on the streets of our state capitol. Spread the word out in California - you don't want to move to Texas!

Originally Posted by Angelgal
Hi Diver guy, Did you read about how some cruisers got robbed on a organised tour planned by the ship just this month? They were in Montego Bay, Jamaica, on a tour of a well known plantation or some famous estate when they all got robbed but not injured.
Since Montego Bay is such a small place and everybody knows everybody... it was real easy to find the robbers. They say they found the purses and wallets thrown on the ground and only the cash was taken. The police were really angry and they killed one of the robbers as they were hunting them down in their community. I think that will teach the robbers not to bother the tourists in town. The Carnival cruise line has taken that tour off their list now.
Whenever an island gets too dangerous for the tourists the cruiselines start to avoid that island.

Jamaica has never been a friendly island. It is always best not to wander too far from the port area when you go there. I have personally met some of the local Jamaican people and some of them are still angry for having been slaves on that island. They call their beaches "Bloody beach" because many slaves died there when they tried to escape the island as slaves. Plus, they are stuck there... far away from their homeland of Africa. Many tourists close their eyes to the angry eyes of the Jamaicans. They go there to have fun and they do.

I have been to St. Croix and it has the most beautiful clear clean ocean but many years ago all the cruiselines decided not to stop there anymore because tourists were being robbed. I truly miss that island. Luci
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