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Originally Posted by You
First of all, while the cruise sound very cool - exotic initeraries and butlers with every cabin,..

But what do you think of the name?

Seriously, since these are the old R-ships, which Oceania, Celebrity, Princess and now Azamara all have - which one would you sail on and why?

Are they all going to end up giving you the same thing at the same price point, or will there be a real difference someday?

Who knows. Has anyone here been on one of the R-ships now in the control of someone other than Oceania? I haven't.
I must admit that I'm completely miffed by both (1) the sudden change of name from "Celebrity Expeditions" to "Azamara Cruises" and (2) the timing of this change.

>> 1. I can't help but wonder how stunned many of the ship's passengers must be when they discover, upon arrival in New Jersey, that the cruises that they booked aboard MV Zenith of Celebrity Cruises are suddenly aboard not only a different ship (that was expected), but now are aboard a completely different line. If I went to the pier in New Jersey and suddenly discovered that the ship was now MV Azamara Journey when I had been promised MV Celebrity Journey, I'm not sure how I would have reacted... but I think it is very likely that I would have walked away, returned home, and demanded a full refund not only of the cruise fare, but also of the air fare and other expenses, on the basis that the company was not delivering the product for which I had contracted. Substitution of a different ship -- expressly allowed in the Contract of Passage -- is one thing, but substitution of a different cruise line is quite another. I would be surprised if this is not an ongoing problem. At the very least, I would think that the company should have introduced the newly acquired and reconfigured vessel as MV Celebrity Journey, offering the regular Celebrity Cruises product, for the Summer 2007 Bermuda season.

>> 2. I'm still completely dumbfounded by the company's failure to announce the change in brands before the company issued the press release announcing that the first ship of the new line had entered service. The company must have known of the change at least a couple weeks earlier, as it changed the name of the ship from MV Celebrity Journey to MV Azamara Journey in the process. The company had to communicate this change to the shipyard in time for the shipyard to put the correct name on the hull -- IOW, at least a couple weeks before the ship emerged from the shipyard. The company should have announced the change in the name of the new line before accepting bookings that would operate under the new brand.

>> 3. Backing up a step, I'm completely miffed by the company's decision NOT to add these vessels to the "Celebrity Cruises" fleet. It would have been fairly simple to remodel one of the specialty dining rooms into centersfor children, youth, and teens and to remodel the other into a specialty restaurant comparable to the specialty restaurants on the vesselse of Celebrity's Millennium class. Further, Celebrity Cruises now has the smallest fleet of any major cruise line, with only seven ships, so these vessels would have allowed the line to open new routes in anticipation of the arrival of larger vessels.

So overall, I just don't get it!

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