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Hi Diver guy, I was born in Houston, Texas where my ancestors are from since the late 1800's. My great-grandfather and great uncles worked as sheriffs. I have relatives all over Texas. Most of them are millionaires because they became super rich through owning land and businesses.
If my dad had stayed there he would have also becomed a millionaire too. But I love California where we have the drive-by shootings on the freeways. It is always random selection or road rage late at night.
We also have people being beated or shot if someone hits someone with their cars. We are a city of wheels and have thousands of drivers who prefer not to carpool. But I live in a small community of Glendale where the people are really friendly and it is safe to walk the streets at night.
I truly like my community. BUT.... crime can happen anywhere.... we just have to be smart and aware of our surrondings where ever we go in our world.
When I go into ports I don't carry anything important in my purse. I hide my money and credit cards, etc. under my shirt in a money type bag.
So if someone grabs my purse they can take it. I also don't wear any jewelry in ports. I see lots of gals wearing beautiful jewelry in third world countries.... ports... when all the ships arrive. These gals and their hubbies are super rich. It would be nice to be super rich but I am confortable.

So your son is coming to Hollywood. Tell him to visit Universal Studios because they always have something new to see. The weather is really nice right now. Plus, he can always go to the beach to cool down. Luci
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