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The only 'point' that you have made for me, is that you have covinced me that you are or acting like a teenaged troll, trying to bait people here.

"I dont need to read crap,I made my point ."

Well, Im sorry, that you think data from a US Federal agency (TSA) is 'crap;' however, most other Americans here, try to follow the laws, rules, regulations and guide lines set out to protect us from our enemies, by our Government. Try to keep in mind BigWill6ft5, that this Country is at War!

"Trust me,by reading your screen name,I know where your pont of view comes from."

No, I don't trust you or your judgement, based on your posts here. Your profile doesn't help either. I don't know where you think, my points of view come from and really don't care much what your view is on them. Normally, I don't feed trolls, by replying to their post's, I'll make this my final reply on this subject with you.

As for where my point's of view come from, try this:

1.) 76 years dealing with this world on a daily basis. Raising four children, etc.

2.) 34 Years as a LE Officer (Retired as a Captain.) for a major LE Agency in Seattle.

3.) 30 + Years in the Service Army, Korean war combat veteran, USAFR, WNANG, USAR and 10 1/2 of those years in the US Army Special Forces Reserve, on an ODA. (screen nym)

Given this background, by points of view tend to be conservative, in nature, as well as a deep respect for my country, its elected government, courts, laws, etc. I tend to be a pro-law & order person.

So, to sum it up.:

I'll continue to read and accept the data provided by and updated by the US Government (TSA) as the proper information for air travelers to follow on a daily basis. I do not, consider material from a Federal agency, provided by my government, to protect air travelers from harm 'crap,'

If you consider them as crap, and don't read or follow them, etc., do so at your own risk; however, I think you'll be missing a lot of flights.

"High Profile Body Guard"

BTW: The only 'Professional Bodyguards,' I know in this Country are the agents of the Secret Service, protection detail, as well a a few other types of such agents (Department of State, etc.) in other Federal services civilian and military.

De Oppresso Liber - RLTW
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