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Yes, bubble wrap is the way to go, but bring enough to wrap the booze and vanilla well. I bought three bottles of vanilla and a bottle of Jamaican rum this past January. I packed the vanilla semi-tight in a ziplock bag, then put it in another bag slightly larger. I wrapped the booze in a sweatshirt I wore for the trip down--don't get me on that, I know, a sweatshirt when the weather was 25C, ya, well it as was -25C when I left for the airport...

I was peeved when I got home and opened my bags to take out the dirty laundry and stuff that needed to come out asap (even though it was around midnight). It seems homeland security at Ft. Lauderdale decided to check ONE of my suitcases and didn't repack it the way I had it. The booze didn't break, however, one of the vanilla bottles sprung a wee leak and all three bottles had to be wiped down and left in a bowl in case the leak got worse. A friend suggested a plastic container with bubblewrap or tissue around it to transport booze home.
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