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Originally Posted by CO_Cruiser
We recently went to the Bahamas for our 5th anniversary and stayed at The Atlantis. The atmosphere and quality of the resort were superb, and well within our expectations. The service was terrible however. So, I mention this to give an example of our "taste", and what we are looking for.
It's doubtful you will be disappointed with service on a HAL cruise. You'll get the "pampering" in a nice spa, some casino nightlife, lounges and bars where you won't have to flag a server down to get a drink or a refill, and be surrounded by what I like to call "understated" elegance.

If you're looking for lots of activities, though, my recommendation would be to book a cruise that is port-intensive. You'll have all the activity you want ... to whatever degree you want ... in port. Then on the ship, you will have the nice "laid back" atmosphere to enjoy. The best of both worlds.

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