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Hi Diver guy, I just saw a photo of Carnival Conquest in Galveston Port.
It looked awesome. There was a news story in the L.A. Times that the leaders of Galveston want to tear down the sea wall that protects the town from hurricanes so they can have a larger port and make more money but people are saying that is a dangerous move because Galveston could be devastated by a hurricane if there is no protection wall.
I don't remember my Texan history that well but I do remember that some rich man chose not to use Galveston as a port city for his company. Instead he chose Port Arthur. He must have had a high level of intuition because a few years later Galveston got devastated by a hurricane that killed 6,000 people. The fear is still there by the local people that Galveston can get washed over by the ocean if there isn't any protective sea wall. Plus they said it could break apart.
I think it was J.P. Morgan who didn't choose Galveston. I have a vague memory of that story that I read years ago.

My sister says there is only one highway to get into Galveston. I saw the map and I noticed the road from Houston to Galveston.

Do you think if there is a possibility that Port Arthur could be used as a cruise port? Angelgal/Luci
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