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Default Elizabeth Blau to replace Michele Roux for Celebrity.

Celebrity has announced that Elizabeth Blau will takeover and set the new culinary direction and design for Celebrity Cruises.

Originally Posted by Cruisemates News
Blau is more than a chef, she is a culinary coordinator who finds teams of great chefs who work together to provide clients with fresh, creative and sound business advice required to create exceptional food-and-beverage concepts. Her most recent client is the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, which had already culled a reputation for being one of the city's finest hotels before it even opened. For the Wynn hotel, Blau assembled an all-star team of "chefs-in-residence" to get the attention of Vegas diners.
I find this news very exciting. Though Blau has devoted a great amount of time to the Vegas dining world she also is an extremely accomplished chef and is in touch with today's cuisine without losing grasp of it's roots.

She also is in "The Business" of making successful, high end dining establishments and not in marketing her name as Roux had done. In other words, she doesn't stand her laurels. I am excited to see what menu changes she and her team will make and if they will work at improving the base product and adding new features and types of foods that will reflect today's world of high end dining.

Personally, I was worried that they would just go for a "name", such as Emiril Lagasse or Wolfgang Puck who would have little "hands on" attention and was more concerned about $$$ and publicity versus substance, control and innovation.

What do you think?

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