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Luanne, that's great! You'll be very prepared for the Valor, I'm sure!

It would be nice to cruise on a regular basis, but it's not in my single mother budget and it took years of trying and having to cancel before we finally have a cruise we're actually going on! When I retire (20 years) and move to Florida I'm sure I will cruise more, perhaps once a year.

After our first cruise next month, I'm hope I can go single (or convince a girlfriend to join me!) for a 3-4 day on a ship other than Sensation in 2 years, and then back again with my son in 4 years when he graduates high school (for a 7/8 day eastern or southern caribbean). Of course, that will also depend on how much financial aid/student loans we can get for him for college.

I probably can't book a cruise 2 years in advance but I know I"ll have fun deciding on which ship & itinerary to go on.
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