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Originally Posted by gdtolman
As far as the multiple questions on the same topic : perhaps in many cases it is just a matter of time . The Cruisemates Forums have so much information that often it can take hours to get through it all, especially if one has been gone for awhile or is new to the site.
You are absolutely right. While there are many boards and many people do direct questions to those boards it can be very confusing. It's like researching and taking your first cruise.

Old timers may have taken a large number of cruises and things become a bit "boring" to them. Often just asking the question is the best place to start. A lot of people who frequent the boards or have taken a number of cruises may have seen that question many times but for a far larger number of cruisers they have never asked it, seen it answered or experienced it.

You can put up a FAQ and have some robotic answers to questions but they don't fit all the variations on a specific question and you lose a lot of the interaction of a message board and it also squashes a lot of input and interaction from other people.

I take the idea that there are "almost" no stupid cruise questions. (Do the stairs go up and down? May come close.) Some people think a number of questions are because they may have seen them a number of times or they are irrelevant to some readers but they sure are important to the person who is asking them.

So go ahead and ask the question and Welcome Aboard!

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