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Originally Posted by Divemaster
I'm 50 with a 12 year old kiddo. Cruised HAL 20 years, kiddo 11 years. HAL is more upscale, more art, better food, less party atmosphere, more reliable crew in an emergency, no balcony divers, no spring breakers, not as stuffy a crowd as the next cruise tier up. Compares to Princess and Celebrity. RCCL is a bit more kiddo friendly.
I agree with your comments. The only thing that concerns me, though, is that some of the posts on this thread seem to indicate that HAL is a cruise line where people who don't like to have fun go. And that's not the case.

There's a lot of fun on HAL ships ... games, contests, music, good food, BBQ's, laughter ... and all the rest. It's just that the fun is enjoyed in a more mature fashion than you will often find on some of the other lines. As you say, it's unlikely you'll find people so drunk on a HAL ship that they will want to jump overboard. Why that is, I don't know ... except to say that maybe the bartenders are trained to watch for signs of overdrinking and then maybe cut the person off if they feel he/she has had too much?

Whatever it is, I guess the thing I like about HAL is that I can have fun in an environment where I feel safe. I don't have to worry (for the most part) about fellow passengers coming up to me in a drunken stupor wanting to dance or "make out." It's a cruise line where everyone wants to have fun, but generally don't feel that to do so they need to become totally out of control stooges.

After hearing some stories about the goings on with some of the other cruise lines, I really enjoy my HAL experience and hope to continue to enjoy it for a long time to come.

Blue skies ...

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