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1 cruise, I was too young to care.
2 cruise, we traveled down there with a big group of people.One of the guys were cute and we hung out.
3 cruise, I had a boyfriend of about 2 weeks, went with a guy that I've known and we hung out alottttt and hooked up with other people. But they all knew I had a bf(even knew his name by the end of the cruise. haha) but I didn't to much care and they sure didn't. I had MADDD fun on that one.
4 cruise, the same bf came with me(the two week bf became over a year bf. lol) No we didn't hook up with anyone else... wanted to, but didn't. lol.
I almost had to fight someone for looking at him the wrong way and he almost fought the whole ship too. But that's my ex now and it doesn't matter. haha
Jay = ]

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