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Default Tipping on Celebrity- not how much, just "how"?

We're going on our first ever cruise on Celebrity in September, and I'm confused about just how the tipping process works. I know about Celebrity's suggested tipping amounts for each service person, but I'm trying to find out more about the actual process of providing a tip, to avoid any misunderstandings or awkward moments.

Is it like in a regular restaurant or hotel, just hand the person cash, at each meal or service? If that's the case, should I plan on bringing a suitcase full of one dollar bills?

I've heard some people mention envelopes on the last night- Does Celebrity use these? Is there one envelope per service person? Do you insert cash or just sign a slip and have the amount charged to your account?

Sorry if this sounds too naive, but I'm a first-timer...

thanks for your help!

Alaska Cruise on the Celebrity Infinity 09.02.2007
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