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Last time everyone on the cruise knew I had a boyfriend. and it came in handy when guys want to get on you, that you really dont want on you. Ya know?!
But then when I started liking a guy I got into "what happens on a cruise, stays on a cruise." which was nice.

My boyfriend from that time had never been on a cruise, but he knew I hungout with a ton of guys, but he just never asked if I did anything with them. He probably thought I did, but didnt wanna know the truth.

But I would never cheat on my boyfriend at home. I totally agree, your out of the country, your on vacation, your having fun, and your probably never gunna see these people again.

This year I might be in trouble. cuz if I go out with this kid ive been talking to...well he's been on a cruise, and he has done stuff on them, and he just knows the whole drill...soo yeah.



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