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Idiots like this have got to be made responsible for paying for their rescue! I mean they had boats and a helicopter. What do they charge on land for a helicopter emergency evacuation? In Phoenix with our mountains, climbers have to some $10,000 if they get into a spot where they need a helicopter rescue, and they are already in the vicinity - they don't have to find them first.

It is insane what these people are doing.

And I am sorry to say it, but even the people attempting suicide. A friend of mine as a joke wrote up a waiver for them to sign that says "I know what I am doing, please do not ruin the vacations of everyone else and spend $10,000s+ looking for me. This is the path I have chosen, I know what I am doing."

It is written tongue in cheek, but there is a truth to it. If they are doing it on purpose they are saying they don't want the rescue. I know deep down they do... (but).
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