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Originally Posted by Paul Motter
just a lot of late nights. Go for it!
Late nights, huh? As long as it's not early mornings too! lol I'm still interested, but I did hear some info that concerned me a bit-seems this position has to not only attend all countings (and prob. recount to verify), but also all the slots and such. Sounds like a lot for 1 person every night. I thought the asst. mgr. would attend the soft counts w/ the accountant doing the verifcation count later. I heard this position has a single cabin, that's a perk, even if it is small, plus the port time off is nice-although, wouldn't this position still have something to count, like slots?? Anywho, thanks for your input! Good to know NCL is a decent place to work-some posts seem to say otherwise. Any other info you have on working for NCL, staff treatment/perks, ect..I'm listening!!!
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