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Originally Posted by CruisingJen
Anytime that the majority of kids are in school.
... same here. Also, I try to cruise in months where most of my co-workers don't tend to take vacations. That way I can get a large block of time off together ... a month or more if necessary ... to take the more "exotic" cruises. If I tried to get a month off say in July or August, there would be no way. But January and other slow vacation months are fine. So I simply pick an itinerary that I like for one of those slower months. I did Hawaii/South Pacific in the month of January (30 days) and will do a Fall TransAtlantic next November (24 days). That fall TransAtlantic will also be combined with a six-day crossing on the QM2 from New York to London (in order to avoid a TransAtlantic flight), followed by eight days of land touring in Venice, Rome and Athens before picking up the Prisendam for the TransAtlantic back to Fort Lauderdale. We're talking over 40 calendar days here ... 28 actual vacation days. Luckily we get back the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Otherwise, I would never be able to snag that much contiguous vacation time.

The other nice thing, in my case, to taking my cruises in "off" vacation months is that when everybody else is scrambling to get time off in those popular months, I am right there at work scarfing up all the overtime their absences create. That's how I pay for my rather expensive cruises.

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