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My rule of thumb is two excursions per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. If you book them up against each other you run the risk that one may be late returning and effect the other. For big excursions, say doing the ruins in Mexico, or a two tank dive trip, one is enough for the day. During the tween time you can freestyle shop or return aboard for lunch or forgotten items. Do the port lectures the first time in person or by room tv. Often a map will be passed out which will be handy. Suggest y'all stick to the recommended shops and tourist areas until you are familiar with a particular port, any safety concerns, etc. Might take the tour of St. Thomas that goes up in the hills, or hop a boat to tour St. John. Party boats are popular in Nassau to see the hotels and luxury homes. An overland tour on St. Maartin will take you over to the French side, but a catamaran trip can also be cool. Watch Speed II Cruise Control for a laugh.


Originally Posted by gnomelady8
A friend and I will be taking our first cruise ever in April, 2008 on Carnival Glory. (Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Maartin) We are as excited as a kid waiting for Christmas...

My biggest concern right now is the shore excursions. We keep looking at them and the time in port, at first trying to cram as much in one day as we can. Now I'm beginning to think we need to chose ONE excursion per port and enjoy it, some shopping, sight seeing, and relax. My friend is saying 'we have 5 and a half hours in Nassau, we can book up 4 and a half to 5 hours and still have a half hour to hour to get to the ship...'

I'm looking for input on what we should expect. I hear that Carnival has lectures about the ports before we get there, but I just think we are taking on more than time really allows.
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