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Default Tips sought for 4-night Bahamas cruise on Sensation

Hi Everyone, I'm about to go on my first cruise in 19 days on Sensation and want to thank EVERYONE here, as you have all provided tips by either answering my questions or providing answers to other people's questions about Carnival and cruising in general.

Now, I'm looking for any general tips you lucky experienced cruisers can provide for my trip to the Bahamas with my 14 year old son, Ian.

Some of the tips I've received include:

Check balance of on board account daily via the tv in your cabin to make sure all charges are acurate and that there are not any unknown charges listed.

Before you retire for the night, leave the television tuned to the channel with the "view from the bridge"

Check out the little patios on the side of the suip outside the rear Lido buffet doors as a great place to watch the sunsets.

Get a Foundain Fun Card for Ian for sodas during the cruise.

Keep all airline tickets, cash, passports, credit cards and traveler's checks in the cabin safe. Only take one credit card with you and minimum cash on excursions.

Join the former passengers' club.

Attach cruiseline-supplied luggage tags to binoculars, totebags, etc. so anything lost can be returned to you.

Bring along a collapsible cooler and order room service sandwiches, etc. and ice to be delivered 30 minutes before your excursion so you can bring along a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack and not have to pay hiher prices on shore.

Any others?

Past Cruises:
Carnival Imagination w/mom: 03/22/10 - 03/26/10
Carnival Sensation w/son: 07/29/07 - 08/02/07
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