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Default Re: Regent Seven Seas Changes Smoking Policy


Originally Posted by You
Another Cruise Line has tightened their smoking policy:

This is the statement from Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line:

The issue of smoking on board cruise ships has become quite a hot topic in our industry. And while Regent Seven Seas Cruises is respectful of the lifestyle choices of our guests and will always give smokers a warm welcome, we also recognize the need to restrict where smoking is permitted so as not to cause discomfort to, or provide a health or safety hazard for, the majority of our guests who do not smoke.

In light of continuing legislative changes in smoking policies around the world as well as the health and safety issues involved, RSSC will be changing our smoking policy in suites, staterooms and on private balconies. Not only does smoking present a fire hazard, but it is also an inconvenience to other guests as the smoke, or its odor, invades surrounding suites, balconies and public areas, creating discomfort for the guests in these areas.

Smoking will therefore be prohibited in all suites, staterooms and balconies fleet-wide. This change will take effect on the following dates:

Seven Seas Voyager: December 21, 2007
Seven Seas Mariner: December 21, 2007
Seven Seas Navigator: December 27, 2007
Paul Gauguin: December 29, 2007
Failure to comply with this ban will result in guests being asked to leave the ship at their expense, without refund or credit for the unused portion of their cruise.

This decision was made after much deliberation, and we would appreciate your assistance in communicating our new policy to your clients. Partners with clients booked on voyages after the policy takes effect will receive additional communications from Regent later this month.

To view our entire smoking policy, including a detailed list of public rooms/areas where guests can smoke, please click here.

Thank you for your support of Regent Seven Seas. We look forward to continuing to welcome your clients aboard our ships and providing them with The Regent Experience.

Kind Regards,

Mark S. Conroy
President, Regent

Even though I'm a smoker I do see that the trend to this will become industry wide within the next two to three years. I don't see it as a bad thing as long as there is a reasonable area for smokers to smoke.

Oceania, Azamara have similar smoking policies.

What are your thoughts on this?
This seems to follow a general trend of tightening smoking bans ashore. Here in Massachusetts, it is now illegal to smoke in any workplace -- including all barrooms -- and some communities also have enacted bans on smoking outdoors, so you cannot just step outside and light up.

Actually, there's such a complicated labyrinth or rules right now that it's nearly impossible to keep track of where smoking is allowed and where it's banned. May I propose a radical simplification?

>> 1. Due to the fact that discarded smoking materials are the cause of many wildfires, smoking shall be forbidden out of doors (including within open structures).

>> 2. Due to the hazards to health or others posed by smoke in a confined area through so-called "passive smoking," smoking shall be forbidden within any cave and any building or other enclosed structure.

>> 3. Due to the likelihood of both direct burn injury and ignition of leaking flammable liquids from ignited smoking materials in the event of an accident, smoking shall be forbidden in any vessel, vehicle, or other conveyance.

And, of course, smoking of cigarattes, cigars, and pipes shall be lawful everywhere else!

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