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Default Re: Vision OTS to Alaska


Originally Posted by You
Has anyone taken the Vision OTS to Alaska? We were on the Vision last year in Mexico, and will be taking her again this Sept. to Alaska. I know that the solarium on the Vision has a closable roof, do they close it during the Alaska voyages and allow swimming? What do they do with the main pool area? I know it is much too cold to swim outside, so do they just cover up the outside pool area but keep the solarium open and heated?
On most ships, the topside pool officially remains open for swimming -- and a few die hards may well use it.

BTW, the region of Alaska where the cruise ships go is not all that cold in the summer. The area around Ketchikan and Juneau tends to be somewhat cooler (70's) because it's a rain forest, but Skagway and Anchorage often have temperatures well into the 80's. The bays with glaciers are noticeably colder (you WILL want a heavy jacket, gloves, and a hat if you go out on deck to view the glaciers), but ships visit them for a few hours and then move on.

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