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Originally Posted by Paul Motter
I recall Kuki got a quote from Regent when he did his article on changing smoking policies, and Regent said that several European countries were considering passing laws about smoking on ships anyway, and if that happens every cruise line that wants to dock on those countries will be forced to change their policies. This could go industry-wide before you know it.
The funny thing about this, though, is that on another luxury cruise talk board, people reported attending a couple of meetings with Mark Conroy while on Regent's recent World Cruise during which this exact topic came up. Apparently, Mr. Conroy pretty much assured them that Regent wanted to accommodate its smoking guests and was even considering building some sort of enclosure to one of its restaurants to more conveniently allow smoking. He only mentioned the possibility of banning smoking in cabins and on balconies if legislation so required. Now, Regent does an about face with this policy. Lots of loyal Regent cruisers are steamed about this, and I hear many of them have been cancelling future cruises on the line.

Personally, I think Regent was way premature in instituting this policy. They should have waited until legislation forced the issue and all cruise lines had to comply.

Well, I know I'll never be sailing Regent now. I might be able to understand prohibiting smoking on balconies in that the second hand smoke could bother other folks who want to enjoy adjoining balconies. But prohibiting smoking in a cabin, to me, is outright dumb, not to mention difficult to enforce. What business is it of anyone's if I want to enjoy a cigarette with my morning coffee? Who the heck am I bothering other than the folks I may be sharing that cabin with?

I hope you're wrong about other cruise lines following suit ... at least in the immediate future.

Blue skies ...

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