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Originally Posted by Rev22:17
>> 1. I can't help but wonder how stunned many of the ship's passengers must be when they discover, upon arrival in New Jersey, that the cruises that they booked aboard MV Zenith of Celebrity Cruises are suddenly aboard not only a different ship (that was expected), but now are aboard a completely different line.
And I wonder how those passengers who are smokers are going to feel when they board her and find out about the very restrictive smoking policies onboard, including no smoking in the cabins or or balconies. I know I would go absolutely ballistic and would demand a full refund, along with an airplane ticket home.

This is even worse than what HAL did to us smokers in April when they tightened up smoking regulations as of April 1st, without any advance notice to passengers who were already booked. Apparently, deck hands began removing the ashtrays from the tables on the Lido Deck early that morning, before the previous cruise passengers had even disembarked. As of that April 1st departure, there would be no more smoking under the magrodome, and the casino would have alternating smoking and smoke-free days. But while we smokers were upset about it, at least we could still smoke in some venues, including our cabins and on balconies. I can't imagine what the fallout would have been had we boarded and found that we could no longer smoke in our cabins.

I can only wonder how these Azamara passengers felt ... especially the smokers ... as they prepared to board. Musta been interesting, that's for sure.

Blue skies ...

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