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Originally Posted by Cliff33613
If all the cruise lines go to non-smoking I will try out all-inclusive resorts. Question... if people want a non-smoking ship why wasn't Carnival Paradise a success?
One of the largest reasons that the Paradise failed was that Carnival relies on more onboard revenues such as gambling and liquor sales. They did not garner these revenues with a totally non-smoking policy. Also, the TOTAL non-smoking policy was too drastic, even for today.

I believe the Luxury and niche markets are and will be the first to initiate these policies. I do see that just like today's society; i.e. bars, hotels and other areas the places you can smoke will become limited and the initial backlash may cause a downturn in some bookings but it will not cause a long term decline in paying passengers.

I also see that eventually it will be the norm for all lines and ships.

It's a realistic fact that smokers are now the second class of society and are treated as such. It isn't fair but it is a fact. Not one I like but nonetheless a fact.

This coming from a smoker.

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