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Originally Posted by Michelle1959
My son, Ian, had told me he's use his April birthday moneh for his own souvenirs, etc. but of course combining that with 8th grade graduation money from relatives, all of that went into buying an xbox 360 and a wireless connection so he can playl xbox live.

So I told him I'd only have a minimal budget for souvenirs for him and he understands that.
I think your cruise is 4 or 5 days. Is that correct? If so, I think $25 a day is sufficient. Or even more than enough. If there is something that your son wants, he can "pool" his $25 a day allowance so that he can afford to buy the souvenir of his choice (almost). I doubt if a teen boy will see anything that he really must have that will cost more than what he will have grand total.

Are you getting him a soda card? If he stays away from the video games onboard, he will do fine. If he starts to play them, he will be wiped out in a couple of hours.
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