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I booked our cruise in mid-May, and recieved the cancellation notice on 6/21, 9 days prior to departure.

The original message said that they had arranged accommodations at La Cabana Villas (w/ meals included) and they would send free cruise certificates within 2-3 weeks. Not ideal, but marginally acceptable.

Upon arrival, we met the rep at the airport, and were informed that we would be going to the ship, rather than the hotel. We waited for an additional 3 hours before the activities mate and purser informed us that we'd be staying on the ship, tethered to the pier for the entire week, rather than at La Cabana. There wasn't even a captain on-board or senior officer in sight.

Sitting at a pier next to a dumpster, surrounded with diesel exhaust fumes, with a view of the ship yard and fuel tanks did not come close to our expectations.

We went to La Cabana, booked our own rooms and paid for the entire week on my MasterCard. I will submit our expenses to WJC and expect that they will reimburse me, although I can't get any confirmation from their customer service manager; I've been trying since 7/2.

The most disconcerting thing is that the management in Miami made the decision that we'd be staying on board rather than at La Cabana during the previous week, but didn't let us know until we had arrived in Aruba. Had I known, I would have altered our travel plans. From a couple of other sources, it seems that the Poly hasn't been sea-worthy for a couple of weeks prior to our vacation, and it was sitting at the dock when we left earlier this week.

I've got the names of the other passengers and we will work together to get this resolved. If anyone else is having similar issues and would like to work with us, please bounce me a message.
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