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Default Re: Carnival Glasses and Ice Pack!!!!

Originally Posted by tweetybird
Ok, I have 2 questions to ask:

1). I have Carnival glasses that the Foo Foo drinks were in from last year on the Carnival ELATION. Now we are going on the Carnival DESTINY, can I bring them with us, instead of buying new ones?

2). I am going to bring a soft cooler with us for waters when we go on excursions. I want to bring an ice pack with us so we can fill it with water and freeze it, do you think the room steward would keep it in the freezer for us and give it to us when we need it?

O.K. Here are my answers.

1. You can but why would you want to. If you are flying in, the plastic foo foo glasses take us so much room and special care (they can crack) and will only save you $1 per drink. I say you get yourself another set (2) from the Destiny and start a collection.

2. It is not likely that the room steward will put anything of yours in his freezer. There would be all kinds of liability. Perhaps you can purchase something that can be filled with ice. The room steward will give you all the ice you desire.

Other question.

If you are flying into SJ, there is a small mall up the block from the ship. There is also a CVS or Rite Aid about one half mile up the hill walking away from the water.

I once purchased a foldable, insulated, soft-sided cooler that held 6 bottles or cans. The room attendant kept it filled with ice and it was small and lightweight enough that I could have taken it onshore at port if I had wanted to. I purchased it at a Target for less than $10. Something like that may be more suitable for the Destiny
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