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Originally Posted by Luanne Russo
Do you have butterflies in your stomach yet? Do you find yourself not getting anything done, because you start thinking about the cruise?

If you can answer any of these questions with a yes, then you have come down with what I have, and so many others on here.

It is cruise fever. It can't be cured, but you can feed it, by booking over and over again.
Yes, I have Cruise Fever. I hungrily search out all photos of the Sensation on and the CM photo gallery and imagine myself on the deck, in the pool, etc... I know it won't compare to actrually being there. I have a memory card ready to take 2550 photos/short videos (at medium res. 10,000 at lowest res). plus two 1/4 gig card to take another 1452 at lowest resolution if I need them. I have the few clothes I'm taking at the front of my closet ready to pack. Everything else that's going is in a backpack or already in the two carry-ons (only luggage we'll have).

Also, there's a special project I'll be working on that is related to the cruise, and I'll let everyone here know about it soon - over the weekend hopefully!

As far as another booking, I'm a divorced mother and my son is about to start high school. I will not have money for this any time soon. Based on how much financial aid/student loans we can get for college (his dad and I have nothing saved), we MAY do a 7-8 day eastern caribbean (or alaska) when he graduates high school. In summer 2009 I will probably book it for June 2011, and I hope I won't have to cancle it for financial reasons!
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