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Originally Posted by nlb1050

And we are not sure if we really want to sail with Carnival. There are a few things that we just don't agree with. Mainly being the waiters having to sing and dance during dinner. Oh we don't mind them singing Happy Birhtday but scheduled songs/dances to us is just too much.
I don't see the difference between Carnival's singing waiters or RCI's singing and marching. Not a whole lot of difference to me between marching and dancing and both sing.

We were on the Rhapsody and the waiters were going to march and sing again my wait person said I should stay and I said thanks, it was great, Im just ready to go. But they were pretty good.

FYI, of course Iv heard that the singing waiters on Carnival are being discontinued....just saying I dont see why folks object to it being done on Carnival but I never read objections to RCI doing it. What's the difference?
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