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ryan looks like you really love what you do.
which is sweet.
and also, it makes sense that
you let someone who knows what they're doing
do what they do.
...that made no sense.
but you know what i mean.

"i don't want.
anybody else.
when i think about you.
i touch myself."

=] haha

haha we have this cd, it was made for my birthday party
and we put it in this pass it on card tradition we started a long time ago
and whoever's birthday it is gets the card, plus the cd, and any presents you wanna give them. the birthday person is obligated!!
to play track 20 first once they get the cd.
which is "i touch myself. "

hahaha love you jordyn <3

silver knights
playoffs babyyyy

carnival sensation, june '07 <3
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