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Well, I AM an ex- smoker! And yet, I think that banning of smoking in staterooms/suites is draconean! What ever happened to the system of ten or so years ago of cruise ships having smoking and non-smoking rooms/suites? It was a good program. As I didn't smoke, I could book a non-smoking room/suite. Somebody who smoked could book a smoking room/suite.

As an ex-smoker, the only place that the smell of tobacco smoke bothers me is in a very enclosed area, such as stale smoke in a room/suite, inside a car, and such. If I catch a wif of smoke in a public area, so be it. Sometimes I catch a wif of BO in such an area. What do I do then -- get out my power washer?

I believe that any cruise line that fails to offer smoking and non-smoking rooms/suites is doing so not out of concern for my health and comfort, but out of concern for their bottom line! It costs them a bit of money to have rooms/suites to accomodate all. And it may be (God forbid) that return to the old policy would result in some vacant staterooms! Now, the bean counters can't have that, can they?

I disagree with the analysis of the failure of the Carnival Paradise vs. the Regent policy. People who book Regent darn well expect to be catered to! (And I'm one of them!) Have you priced a Regent cruise lately? I could get five or so other couples together and charter a yacht for that price! And then, we could set out own "smoking policy." And too, Regent competes against Silver Seas which caters to the European crowd who would NEVER tolerate this.

My prediction? Regent's "policy" will go down in smoke (pun intended) by the summer of '08.
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