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Default Re: Seeking Advice on Haleakala Crater at Sunrise excursion


Originally Posted by You
My wife and I are doing the NCL 11 Day Hawaii Inter-Island Cruise in September. We are considering the NCL Haleakala Crater at Sunrise excursion in Maui. However, we are afraid of missing the scenery during the 2 hour drive up to the crater rim because it will still be dark during that time. I guess we will see the scenery during our trip back down, but would like to know if the tour bus stops at any lookout points along the way down. Also, which side of the bus is best for pictures on the way down? Hoping that someone who has done this NCL excursion can help.
There's only one road to the summit of Haleakala, so you definitely will see the same scenery on the way down that you would miss on the way up.

And I doubt that the bus will make many stops on the way down because there really are no places to pull off the road and stop. If your port of call is Lahaina, though, it might make a comfort stop in or near Kahului.

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