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Originally Posted by MrMate
The ship life(crew) can never be understood unless you're a part of it. We live in a "bubble" world which is completely different from the normal world. I spent the three best years of my life on cruise ships and I was also fortunate enough to meet my soul mate, my wife

She was of course a fellow crew member, I would never dare to mess with "the cargo"

you got it down to a tee....
even after 4 years on ship.. people always ask me,..
what is it like...and no matter how real u try to make it, and describe to people. they will never underdtand it!
i had a ball on the ship.
My boyfriend was a 2nd engine officer... but after we left the ship, things didnt work out.
guess we were just different people onboard, and then in the normal world we just didnt work... shame.
i'd never go back to the ships.. it was an experience... but the life just got to demanding, 7 dayd a week work for 8 solid months!!!! mental!! its illegal in the normal world!!! lol but still i met the most amazing people and some of my best friends in the world.... x
Emma xox
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