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Emerald Princess 10/27/2007 is the bear cruise? That’s great! Wish I was going. I’m going on either the Dawn Princess on 11/11 or the Carnival Spirit on 11/14 – both out of San Diego. I booked both and haven’t decided which one to cancel yet.

Is the 10/27 on Emerald a regular bear group or is it the bear p-0-r-n movie production group cruise? I was on the Star Princess for the 2004 bear p-0-r-n cruise, completely by accident, and I had the best time.

There was this really big black bear with a giant mop of Rastafarian braids who wore a full length women’s wedding gown, complete with bouquet, on formal night. I saw lots of people buying copies of his formal portrait in the gallery the next day.

A bearded straight guy in my travel group was getting lots of flattering attention from the bears. He was loving it but it made his wife a little insecure. To appease her he reluctantly shaved on the fourth day.

Watching the staff try to keep the buffet stocked when they all showed up at once made me chuckle. The side-by-side refrigerator in a wedding gown was a hoot. My sides hurt from laughing when I heard a little boy explain to his younger sister who had mistaken a white bearded bear for Santa that he was sure Santa had left someone in charge of the elves while he went on vacation so that all the toys would be ready by Christmas.

Good times.

They were making some, um, movies on board and they asked me to join in. I shoulda done it.
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