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Based on my limited travel experience I say 11:25 is pressing it. I'd give you an 90% chance of success. Your risks include wildcards like late ship arrival (propulsion problems or storm issues), the passenger who does a balcony swan dive and has to be searched for, our arabic friends raising the state of airport security, the idiot who delays ship's custom clearing, etc.. How would you get home if 11:25 is a no go? What is your plan B to Nebraska?


Originally Posted by blondeanddanish
I'm booked for the cruise and am planning to fly to Miami on Oct. 27th. Since I am taking my adult son with me and paying double for everything, I was more concerned about price when booking a room. I found a great rate ($85 including tax) at the Miami Airport Day's Inn. They also offer free shuttles from the airport and to the cruise ship. Although meeting the group beforehand at Bayside would be nice, I figure if I don't make it, I'll meet everyone soon enough.

I would like some opinions regarding Miami flight times. Would I be pushing my luck if I were to book a flight that leaves at 11:25? VTG suggested not booking anything before noon. However, I can save considerable and have less layover time if I were to book an 11:25 flight.
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