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Originally Posted by Dianeisme313
I didn't realize I was calling the people who book the s classification snobs, I think HAL is snobbish that they give privileges like the neptune lounge to S classifications and penthouse. I realize they pay more for this.

I saw nothing but the nicest peole on HAL and would never call anyone snobbish. Hal had the nicest people I have ever seen on any ship and I apologize to one and all for calling anyone snobbish. You certainly were not.

I'm not sure I yet understand you.

Are you saying you don't think HAL should 'sell' these amenities to "S" and "PS" guests? That they should not be offered? Why would you not want people (including you) to have the choice of buying these extras? If you don't wish to book one of those cabins..... fine. But others do want those comforts. Why shouldn't they have the option of buying them?
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