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Originally Posted by nlb1050
Don't know why this happenned But it could be because Carnival is moving (at least expanding) the PVP's from Miami up to Fort Pierce and they have a lot of new people. They are also moving the reservation Sales Agents up too.

I know this because the wife of one of hubby's friends is now there and now a neighbor,too.
Hi there nlb..
I posted a couple threads elsewhere on these boards with not a lot of response....I hope this doesn't sound rude, but i am seriously considering a move to the Port St. Lucie area from another state and was you know the approximate pay range for the PVP? I know they make base plus incentives. I am curious. I think it would be a good job for me when I get to that area. I'm "mature"-- 40ish female. Is this a job more for younger people, or are your friends "mature" also? I know they cannot exclude age groups, but how old are these PVPs?

Finally, do you know of any other cruise lines office locations in other parts of the state besides Miami/FLL that would be posibilities for employment. I just don't want to do the Miami thing, and would want shoreside - not shipboard. I have been watching all the lines postings of open positions, not too much info on there.

I'm really sorry if this's hard to get answers to these kinds of questions. This is a legit; I'm not a troll or have any other motives than love cruising and love Florida and would love to have both in my future!
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