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Originally Posted by earthrise24
In our wedding, guests were able to take pictures during the ceremony and reception. I would just warn you that your guests will have to disembark within a certain amount of time. I think it was a couple of hours. We received a lot of pictures from family and friends. The pictures taken by our photographer were easily the best. In fact, they looked so good my wife insists they were touched-up because she doesn't think she looks that good (that's nonsense). Our problem with the photographer is that he was not very upfront about the price. We asked him the price for all the pictures he took. He said they were priced by picture. Thus, we spent a couple of hours going through them. Afterwards, he tells us that he will give them all to us for $100 more. We told him no. He was shocked. Just be wary of the wealing and dealing. More than the pictures, I would try to bring in your own officient or priest. Overall, the experience was great and I hear the Conquest is the Cadilac of cruise ships.
I'm a bit confused. Are the wedding photographers the usual ship photographers? Does Carnival give each the flexibility to negotiate their own rates? Is that how it works? How long did it take for the photographer to have proof ready for your review? Thanks.
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