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Well, my clients, 8 of them, requested a 15 passenger van. I spoke to the manager, forgot his name, but he was really pleasant upon making the initial reservation. They did have the cheapest rates available, but when my clients requested to be picked up in South Beach at 9am, the van did not show up until 10am, and it was a 12 passenger van. The driver said there was extremely heavy traffic, which happens, but on their return to port from the cruise, again, no van waiting for them. Not to mention they had two disabled travelers, one with an electric wheelchair, and the other with a fold up. I had reconfirmed the wheelchair information many times with the manager who assured me it would not be a problem, obviously it was because they had forgotten the trailer hitch for the electric wheelchair. Their flight was leaving FLL at 2pm, and at 11am, they were still waiting for the van driver at the port. Whenever they tried calling to find out where they were in route, the driver was rude saying he was never told there would be two wheelchairs. Finally at noon, they paid another company to take them to the FLL airport, I believe it was Sunrise Shuttle or something. I requested a refund of the unused return portion, and the manager said that my clients were being rude for continuously calling to harass the van driver about his whereabouts! He also said that I never told him about the two wheelchairs! Ok, they had the hitch going to the port, did they think the disabled people would be cured of their disabilities on the cruise and not need the trailer hitch upon returning? Pursued the refund numerous times, but the manager then said, his driver did show up at the port but they were gone. He stated the driver arrived at 1030am, and nobody was there, however, my clients called from the port at 11am and the driver stated he was stuck in traffic and to stop calling him to check where he is, he knows how to do his job! Real professionals working for that company! The manager refused to give my clients a refund, so I submitted to the company to the Better Business Bureau, but my clients still have not received a refund. No address is stated for this company, only an 800 number, real shady operation going on there!
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