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JaxGuy: The ENTIRE audience? This is on the Gay/Lesbian Cruising forum - that IS the audience. If other people read this too, oh well. Do you go to a gay bar and complain that there are gay people there? Do you go to Norway and complain that there are Norwegians there? There are a hundred other forums here. This forum is for topics just like this.

NIBiker69 was the first to mention Bears on this thread. When I saw that I asked which Bear group because I had a previous cruising experience with a Bear group, albeit an unplanned experience. Then I recounted some of the highlights of that trip, all in good fun. Big deal. Did I mention anything vulgar? No.

If the mention of the Bear p-0-r-n production company bothered you, well... Do you think straight people don't watch p-0-r-n? Do you think those straight p-0-r-n production companies don't sponsor celebrations/vacations like the Bear production company does? Of course they do. Good grief – Playboy has a party mansion!

And I'm not sure what was edited - that's my entire post. Maybe the moderator corrected my spelling or something.

I don’t mean this to sound snarky or anything, but I hope you can unwind a little on your cruise.

Happy sailing everyone! Bears and all varieties of p-0-r-n makers/watchers too!

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